Forming the Line
5.12.2015 – 5.1.2016
Alkovi Gallery, Helsinki (FI)

A drawing + performance exhibition exploring parallels between representations of everyday gestures and artistic practices.

Press release note:

André Alves in his exhibition “Forming the Line” creates a large-scale drawing in Alkovi, in addition to which there will be certain performance acts during 5th – 17th December. He explores parallels between representations of everyday gestures and artistic practices.

The exhibition explores the relations between forming an image and making a specific action. It is a sort of a case study about the repetitive gestures in the process of drawing and the trivial gestures of our everyday life. Alves is producing a large-scale ephemeral drawing while a set of performances are taking place in the gallery space. The drawing produces a pattern of gridded and geometric shapes that gradually fill the back wall of the gallery. A sentence is made by smudging and effacing the wall’s drawing; it will read ‘Forming the line’, in Finnish. (There will be two sentences rather than one since in Finnish referring to drawing and to people aligning is expressed with different terms.)

‘Forming the Line’ explores our inscription within the lines of operating and being recognized as functional and stable. It talks about the mechanism (making the line) that allows drawing to manifest. It also deals with the relation of “being in line with” – the expectation of normalizing actions and experiences, to conform and adjust – and the perception and recognition of such experiences.
The exhibition explores drawing practice as a spatial performance – and in this case – a bodily social performance of the ephemeral. The intentions of this approach is to highlight the qualities of presence, repetitive labor, the temporality of monumentality and the undoing of drawing as object-making practice, but also looking for a correlation with the enormous gestures one makes and its short lasting effects.

Schedule of the performance acts:

December 7th; 2 – 5PM Drawing + Clearing branches and piling them [with Marta Jardim]

December 8th; 9-12PM Drawing + Rolls of toilet paper separated sheet by sheet, glued onto the window, covering the window [with Harriet Rabe]

December 9th; Drawing + marking the space with the body (forming a line), taking selfies + playing with cellphone nonstop [with Simo Kellokumpu]

December 10th; 3-5 PM Drawing + building card castles [with Vincent Roumagnac]

December 11th; 4 - 5:30PM Drawing + Cutting, organizing, piling different kinds of vegetables [with Sanna Uuttu]

December 13th; 3 - 5PM Drawing + people knit from each other’s knitting [with Päivi Julin + Kristiina Sandberg]

December 14th; 1 - 3PM Drawing + Practising Tai chi [with Gabriele Goria]

December 15th; 11-1PM Drawing +Dressing and undressing, folding and organizing clothes [with Viivi Niiniketo]