Forming the Line
5.12.2015 – 5.1.2016
Alkovi Gallery, Helsinki (FI)

From inside a showcase facing the public space, two times compete with each other: the action of a large-scale repetitive drawing and different performative actions of a repetitive nature. Forming the Line is a study of the defining properties of repetition, and the potential of incremental action in accelerated contemporaneity.

This project results in a temporary simultaneity of different alignments, of different actions taking place in the same locale, and yet, un-entangled lines of doing.

Schedule of the performance acts:

December 7th; 2 – 5PM Drawing + Clearing branches and piling them [with Marta Jardim]

December 8th; 9-12PM Drawing + Rolls of toilet paper separated sheet by sheet, glued onto the window, covering the window [with Harriet Rabe]

December 9th; Drawing + marking the space with the body (forming a line), taking selfies + playing with cellphone nonstop [with Simo Kellokumpu]

December 10th; 3-5 PM Drawing + building card castles [with Vincent Roumagnac]

December 11th; 4 - 5:30PM Drawing + Cutting, organizing, piling different kinds of vegetables [with Sanna Uuttu]

December 13th; 3 - 5PM Drawing + people knit from each other’s knitting [with Päivi Julin + Kristiina Sandberg]

December 14th; 1 - 3PM Drawing + Practising Tai chi [with Gabriele Goria]

December 15th; 11-1PM Drawing +Dressing and undressing, folding and organizing clothes [with Viivi Niiniketo]