I fell in love with long distance
Installation multi-media
Video Dv-Pal, color, sound
Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra
Curated by Ana Luísa Barão

The installation departs from Pessoas’s poem “Na ribeira deste rio”. The poem describes the flow of a river and a viewer’s attempt to perceive remaining objects, ruins, dragged by the water. In this installation, long black paper tubes are tossed into the end walls of the gallery space, against the wall where the video is projected. This interference isn’t accidental. In each tube was written a verse of the poem. In the middle of the tube display one finds a garment bag pierced by sharp objects; from the inside a humming reading of the poem repeats slowly and endlessly. The voice draws the visitor to get closer to this area, submerging its body in the projection.

Apaixonei-me por uma distância longínqua from Andre Alves on Vimeo.