Black-hole Rainbows

Black-hole rainbows is a piece made for the (final) show The Mystery of the Closing Gallery by the artists run space Gallery Museum Museum Gallery

Black-hole rainbows is a b/w digital print on paper where oxymorons are aligned to form an ellipse. The print will be laid horizontally from its corners a couple of inches above the floor in ways to make the center of the print touch the floor. Under this central point will be placed a petri dish filled with rubbing alcohol so that it progressively eats the black out of the print and generate colors (at the same time it eats the oxymorons).

A little bit more about the show and Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum:

Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum has decided to close its doors after three years of continuous exhibitions. Over MG/GM’s tenure we have had thirty-five art exhibitions, a play, a symposium for a dead guy, a jug band playing for four hours, and a wedding. Our exhibitions have always aimed to explore the absurdity of art and its practices, sometimes with stoicism, sometimes facetiously, and sometimes polemically. In this process we have graced our walls and floors with work from over 250 emerging to internationally exhibiting artists. We cordially invite you to join us on the night of October 6th, 2012 to celebrate our three years of existence and to bid farewell to MG/GM as you know it.

The Mystery of the Closing Gallery divertingly observes fictitious possibilities that lead to the eventual demise of MG/GM. Without a clear reason for disbandment; insiders at MG/GM are working around the clock to provide insight on the gallery’s sudden conclusion.

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