Contact, a poetry of exportation, of embodying the other
in the group show ... supone todo esto una posibilidad? is this all a possibility?
Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporánea de Valencia.

"For too long we have underestimated the transformative capacity of love (…) desire not only in the social field but also in our own construction as individuals (…) to think about the importance of a series of small gestures, minimal actions, delicate movements ... and, through them (…) how the construction (…) of new imaginary bodies institutes a new territory that flourishes and transforms the social, the political and the environmental fields."
comissioned by Juan Luis Toboso

For the exhibition is this all a possibility? the curator Juan Luis Toboso asked me to develop a series of poems-poster in dialogue with the remaining works in the exhibition, thus mediating the different works as unity while producing an individual approach to poetry as a politics of touch.
The series "Contact, a poetry of exportation, of embodying the other" presented five poem-posters approaching the capacity to enter in con-tact (literally meaning with (con) touch (tangere)), not only in the sense of a contamination, of intimacy and power, but also, of contact as social object.