André Alves will be presenting a painting series specifically developed for the exhibition "Questioning: Society" [Cuestionamiento II: Sociedad], curated by Martim Dias as the result of the reputable curatorial call "Se busca Comisario".

With the project "Suspended" [in the original, Suspensionados] André Alves establishes a parallel between the functionality of a material and the functionality of bodies/people in societies. By painting on overhead projector's canvas and fixing an image in its surface, Alves cancels the material function.

The works present a series of texts and behave as "bad design" creating a textual-visual narrative that literally question the value of experience in society and what happens to a body when it is considered un-productive.

Suspended serves as starting point for a workshop with a group of seniors (conducted in collaboration with Juanluis Toboso) that will complete the work by adding their opinions on the matter on the walls and painting surface.

With the artists Tiago Baptista, Bel Fullana, Tiago Casanova, André Alves, Carlos Valverde, Olalla Gomez y Elena G. Lavellés Curated by Martim Dias.
Venue: Sala de Arte Joven de Madrid
Exhibition calendar: 5 May - 24 July

"Supensionados o No estamos en ningún lugar" workshop coordinated by André Alves and Juanluis Toboso