Fora de campo não é fora de jogo
[Out-of-field is not out-of-the-game] a group show with Dalila Gonçalves.
January 2015

Left image: Extéril project room. Central image: André Alves work. Right image: Dalila Gonçalves.

A vida está lá fora [Life is out there]
plexyglas, metal
Variable dimensions (length of the sentence 100x19cm)

A vida está lá fora consists of a textual-piece,reading “Life is out there.”
The sentence was made on mirrored plexy. Depending on closeness to the work the viewer can see
himself reflected in the text she is reading. The striking-through of the sentence intends
to make a situation of doubles more obvious, since it reflects the image (points at
exteriority) and denies it (strike-through). But also to create a perceptive ambiguity, since
the cut-through of the word is also what holds it together.

The work is interested in the translation of paradoxical relations and the success of
text-based images to embody questions of political and existential senses.

A vida está lá fora is part of a debate about how senses of expropriation and alienation
are self-fabricated.