Body at rest
Performed Essay
CAA conference - NY, USA

Body at rest is an essay delivered as a performance in a manner that made explicit the paradoxes involved in the production and spectatorship of art in its discursive form.
The presentation started with a lip-sync reading of the text, to gradually emulate a state of falling asleep and allowing the video to take over the presentation. The full-text and video of the presentation can be found bellow

The argument that Body at rest develops, explores how a body is always expected to perform, never to fail, and in a certain sense, to always set in motion - literally in movement - a final form or act. When a body rests, a body is no longer a body, but a suspension or an absence. In this presentation I want to look into rest (this can also include fatigue, exhaustion) as a discursive material that talks not only to the obvious problem of permanent production, but to a very contemporary problem: the incapacity of duration.

Body at work looks into Mladen Stilinovic’s sleeping performances (and briefly, into George Perec’s “A man asleep ”) in order to explore the ambiguous presentation of fatigue as something that signals the transformation of the temporal and energetic relation, as an openness to recollection, towards a mindfulness or obliviousness through-which the ecology of being productive is put to question.
Rest and fatigue appear here as a material communicating the troubled ever-performing, ever-productive bodies, looking into exhaustion not as the outcome of a process but as stating an interruption that (paradoxically) generates a duration.

Find here the full version of Body at rest

Body at rest from Andre Alves on Vimeo.

Narration by Miguel Garcia-Yeste