Thing, controlled by fear of identification or helmet

Installation - drawing
January 2007

Thing, controlled by the fear of identification or Helmet explores the ideas of homosexuality, camouflage, identification, exposure, resistance; desire… The scenic aspect of the work underlines the ‘entrance’ into a special space, in a scenario. The work is ephemeral: sculptures, scenario and drawings made directly on the wall or on paper. Helmet is an arena for dispute between forces. Those forces are both implied and explicit. Two drawings made directly over the walls portraying a man handling other human arms and ‘shielded’ by a ribbon, assumes a defensive position against a drawing on the opposite wall. There one finds a drawing of a gallows dropped to the ground. Apparently the gallows is out of use; the only element that somehow makes it alive is the dynamic disposition of the threads attached to the upper wood stack. These drawings have a private affair going on! Despite one of the disputers is apparently decayed the other still stands to face its invisible strength.