Impasse: Armar a tenda | A tenda a armar

Impasse: A armar a tenda / A tenda a armar is a response Paulo Mendes' project Collecting Concepts and Collections for the European Capital of Culture Guimarães 2012.

Impasse: A armar a tenda / A tenda a armar continues to investigate discourse formation, linguistic definitions and word-games. The work is an observation about taking a stand and the discomforts that solving impasses imply, the complex relation between safety as dwelling or as nomadic, and pointing at the current sense of political uneasiness.

This work results from the rescue of industrial found material and its transformation into a mobile sculptural structure. for the insertion of text.
The sculpture is a surface for the insertion of text. There is no real order for the reading; the text begins and ends with the cut-off of the fabric. Regardless, one can read repeatedly Armar a tenda or A tenda a armar. The pun of the text is that Armar a Tenda is a popular expression that means causing trouble. It is also important to refer that in Portuguese the verb Armar mean to set up but also, to arm (with weaponry).