For Standard Formats: Unknown Drawing
For Third Party's annual Standard Formats series returns with a publication release and gallery exhibition that takes a look at the tension between classical and contemporary modes of drawing. Topics include: the reconfiguration of mark making; gender and youtube instructional drawing videos; 21st century tablet drawing with a handicap; essence, aura, and loss; comics.

The exhibition name picks from my article "Unknown drawing: drawing's nothingness in the age of post-internet". For the exhibition/release of the publication, curator Chris Reeves asked me to handwrite the full article. I thought the gesture mirrored well the problematics of touch especially because my article focused the complicated relation of touch and image, but also its pointlessness.
The 15 pages reminded me of Danh Vo's "Death Sentence". In a way, to write them in hand - especially because I have a rather arabesque cursive - was to assign the text a death sentence: who can read this after all? The text does not touch (even if it hoovers around such ideas) this question. But the work does it, of course. The display if the pages (as an art object) acquire a certain sensation of content and symbolic loss.

Standard Formats: Unknown Drawing
Third Party Gallery
curated by Chris Reeves
after Danh Vo "Death Sentence"
16 A4 pages, ink