Spaceship Water presents a series of collages of nautical charts to evoke the shift from landscape to waterscape as result of the severe ecological crisis, thus addressing pressing political challenges and colonial standpoints. This project also asks how will (a future/hypothetical) planet Water reshape and affect how we relate and our cognition.

The exhibition Spaceship Water results in a series of sculptural collages made from nautical charts and a performance/musical piece aiming to explore two main ideas: the political challenges and lack of agency in face of the severe ecological crises, and how the rise of sea levels and the reshape of planet Earth will impact human configuration as well as the human mind.

Spaceship Water was inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s book “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth” (1969). Reclaiming the pelagic living and knowledge of seafarers, Fuller urges the recovery of adaptability, comprehensive knowledge, and connectivity, as to operate and maintain planet Earth, its complex and regenerating systems. Focusing on the importance of a connective model, this project also asks how will (a future/hypothetical) planet Water reshape our relationships and our cognition.

Spaceship Water takes place in October and November at the artist run space Temporary Stabilisations (Göteborg).

The exhibition 'Spaceship Water' is supported by Göteborgs Stads kulturnämnd.