Project made for the third edition of Troca-se por Arte

Troca-se por Arte is a project to make the town and our artists known to the public, in cooperation with traditional trade shop owners in the town. The aim is to show some of the artists we consider promising and talented and, for une week, move them from the regular art circuit. During that period of time the windowshops become an open gallery. This is a non-profit event and its only purpose is to try to bring some dynamics to commerce and draw people’s attention to art, architecture, and to the idea of a lively town.

In response to the invitation I collaborated with a hunting and fishing supplies store to create Pesca Dor | Atira Dor, a series of targets painted on wood to be displayed amongst the articles of the store.

A little bit of the thinking process:

(PT) (EN)
Pescador = fisherman
Atirador = shooter
Pesca dor = fishing pain
Atira dor = throwing pain